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Welcome to the Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching (MAFLT) Program!

Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the online, Master of Arts degree in Foreign Language Teaching (MAFLT) at Michigan State University (MSU). This online master's degree (MA) program, housed within MSU's Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA), is for current and aspiring foreign language teachers. Coursework focuses on communicative and task-based language teaching principles and methods, as well as computer-assisted language teaching, language assessment, and language-program administration. Through online instruction and collaboration with faculty members and peers, students in the program receive a solid foundation in second language acquisition (SLA), applied linguistics, and learn how SLA theories and research apply to current foreign language teaching approaches, methods, and materials design.

The program comprises a high degree of interactivity in coursework, in customizeable Experiential Modules, and through personal advising and mentoring sessions. If you have questions about the program, I encourage you to contact us at


Paula Winke
Associate Professor
Director of the MAFLT Program

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MAFLT Summer Class Registration is open March 10 through two days after the course starts. We have three classes this summer: LLT860 Second Language Acquisition (3 credits, 5/12-6/26), LLT807 Language Teaching Methods 3 credits, 6/30-8/14), and Experiential Module (2 to 5 credits, 5/12-8/14). Email Dr. Winke ( if you have any questions about the classes.
--Feb. 12, 2014

The MAFLT Program is now accepting applications for students who want to begin courses in the summer of 2014 or in the fall of 2014. Apply online!
--Jan. 27, 2014

AAAL and TESOL here we come! Professors in the MAFLT Program will be presenting research and talking to prospective and current MAFLT students at the back-to-back AAAL and TESOL conferences in Portland Oregon March 22 through 29, 2014. If you are in Portland, connect with us! Email Dr. Winke for more information.
--Jan. 25, 2014

MAFLT professors will be at the upcoming National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL)Conference in Chicago, IL, April 24-27. Email Dr. DeFelice, Dr. Temples, or Dr. Winke if you would like to meet at the conference!
--Jan. 20, 2014

Congratulations to MAFLT Professor Dr. Dustin De Felice, whose chapter "Building Collaborations between University Pre-Service Student-Teachers and English Language Students through a Socially Mediated Network" has been published in the book "Building Online Communities in Higher Education."
--Dec. 6, 2013

Contact us!

Jennifer Nelson, MAFLT Graduate Program Secretary

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Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching (MAFLT) Program
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