About GRE Scores and Waiver Requests

We recommend that you begin your application in the MSU system prior to submitting this form. You can return to your application later to continue it, submit it, and check the status of transcripts and recommendation letters. If you have not already read the full Admissions Guide for applying to the MAFLT on our program website, please review those instructions now: https://maflt.cal.msu.edu/admissions. 

The purpose of the GRE is to help graduate programs predict whether students will be able to manage the demands of a given program. Waivers are available for prospective students who can demonstrate in other ways that they are prepared for graduate-level work in the content areas of this program. 

GRE vs. English Language Proficiency

This waiver applies only to students who have undergraduate degrees from U.S.-based institutions. If you are submitting English language proficiency evidence (test scores or materials to support your waiver request), then you do not need to submit a GRE score or a GRE waiver request. 

Eligibility for a GRE Waiver

GRE waivers will be granted immediately if you meet one of the following criteria and provide sufficient documentation of that in your admissions materials: a) you have been teaching your target language in an established program for at least two years; b) you have completed at least one MA-level course in a comparable program with a grade of 3.0 (B) or above; or c) you have significant experience in another field and submit a writing sample.

Your recommendation letters and official transcripts from the institution where you completed the graduate course(s) will serve as evidence of (a) and (b). Keep in mind that an official transcript is also required for any graduate course that you want to be considered for transfer credit. For (c), please send an email to maflt@cal.msu.edu to request further information about the FLT Writing Sample prompt.

How to Request a GRE Waiver

After beginning your MSU Graduate Student Application, please complete the following MAFLT Program form:

GRE Waiver Request Form

Your waiver request will be reviewed by the Program Director no later than three weeks prior to the admissions deadline. You will be notified of the result via email. If you would like to request a status update, submit a writing sample, or ask further questions, please contact our Program Assistant at the MAFLT email address: maflt@cal.msu.edu.