Tuition and Fees

Foreign Language Teaching courses have one of the lowest tuition rates of any graduate program at MSU – which has nothing to do with program quality! Students accepted the Master of Arts or the Certificate pay the same rate, $700 per credit = $2100 per course, regardless of residency (same tuition for in-state, out-of-state, or international).

See “Online Foreign Language Teaching Masters” in the tuition list from the MSU Controller’s Office:

Fellowships and Assistantships

Click to learn more about funding opportunities for FLT students.

Linguistic Diversity Fellowships

  • Incoming students – 5 per semester – covers tuition for 3 credits – apply during admissions process
  • Master’s project – 1 selected per year – requires EM application and faculty letter of support

Further details under Latest Posts

MAFLT-NLRC Graduate Assistantship

  • Full tuition and stipend, for 5 courses per calendar year and 20 hours/week of work
  • Only available to students in MAFLT Program
  • Apply for Fall 2023 by March 15

Learn about the NLRC

Student Accounts – Accessing and Troubleshooting

Student Information System: (Click here for the SIS Student Help page)

Access your account, along with many other tasks, through SIS (Student Information System).

Student Guide to Student Accounts:

Need help with MSU Financial Aid?

Current and newly accepted students: You should let the Program Director know about it, but you will need to contact the Office of Graduate Student Financial Aid directly. We recommend:

Email: AND CC:

Payment Plans

MSU Controller’s Office – Payment Plan:

You do not have to pay your tuition all at once each semester. MSU offers interest-free payment plans. Contact the Controller’s Office directly with questions.

Seeking Financial Aid – MSU Resources

MSU Office of Financial Aid:

MSU Graduate School Financial Aid page:

MSU Libraries Guide to Grants & Financial Aid:

In this library guide: Click Grants for Individuals

Federal Loans for U.S. residents

If you are a U.S. resident, you are eligible to apply for FAFSA loans. Note that for FAFSA you must enroll in at least 2 courses each semester (considered half-time for graduate students).


About FAFSA at MSU:

MSU Support for Veterans and Families

Office of Financial Aid – General Information for Veterans:

Student Assistant Jobs

Hourly jobs: 5-20 hours per week for full semester

Project jobs: 10-12 hours total to 50 hours total

Student Assistant Jobs – Paid positions through the MAFLT Program

Further details are provided on MAFLT Students ( – see News or main menu for FLT Jobs page.

Other Questions about Tuition and Finances

If you have other questions about these topics, there are some that the MAFLT Office can answer, and many that we cannot. You should contact the Controller’s Office or the Office of Financial Aid directly.