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Event Posts

Event Highlights

Where we've been this summer...

Fluency Matters – International Forum on Language Teaching

July 11-15 in Saline, Michigan

The FM-IFLT Conference focuses on a collection of approaches now grouped together as “Acquisition-Driven Instruction” that includes Teaching with Comprehensible Input and TPRS. It is one of the few that really emphasizes teacher development, not just presenting sessions to a relatively passive audience. We have an exhibitor table and will be sponsoring a refreshing lemonade break. Our alum Bill Langley of #langchat fame is a coach this year!

Extempore Virtual Extravaganza 2022 screenshot

Extempore PD Extravaganza 2022

July 18-22 | Click to sign up for virtual events all week

The people at Extempore App are hosting another PD Extravaganza, and our own Dr. Amanda Lanier will be presenting with community manager Grant Castner on the challenges of coordinating across languages and departments. 

Opening the Silos: How to Coordinate Planning and PD Across Languages
Wednesday, July 20, 12-1pm Central

Click here for slides, video link, and interactions.

Upcoming Events

Will we see you at ACTFL 2022?

ACTFL Convention and Expo – Boston, MA – November 17-20
Click here for registration page | Early bird by July 13, Advance by October 26 

We will be attending as exhibitors and hosting another MAFLT Student-Alumni Network reunion. If you are in our Network (or want to be) and plan to attend, let us know via Teams or email!

Michiganders, are you joining us at MIWLA 2022 in Lansing?

Michigan World Language Association

Lifting up All Voices

October 20 & 21, 2022


Featuring keynote speaker:

Ben Tinsley @afrofranco2

Recurring Events

MAFLT Midweek Meetups

Every other Wednesday from 7 to 7:30pm | Join classmates and faculty games and networking!

MAFLT Town Hall Meetings

At the beginning of each semester, current FLT students can join the Town Hall to hear announcements, ask questions, and connect with faculty and peers.

Live Gatherings for Alumni and Students

Each year, as the public health situation allows, current students and alumni can meet in person for the Alumni Reunion during the ACTFL Convention or for events around MSU Commencement each May. Students graduating in Fall semesters may also be invited to live events in December. 


Last year: October 21-23, 2021 in Lansing, MI  |  Next year:  See miwla.org/conference/future-conferences 

MAFLT @ MIWLA 2021 – Our page for info, events, and recommended links

Registration – November 19-21, 2021

MAFLT @ ACTFL 2021 – Our page for info, events, and recommended links


IALLT - International Association for Language Learning & Technology

Last event: June 16-18, 2021

MAFLT Foreign Language Excellence Virtual Conference – the FLEx Exchange

The inaugural FLEx Virtual Conference took place in April 2020. Presentations are coming together again as an outcome of the course FLT 817 Program Development and Administration in the MAFLT Program. 

As of Summer 2022, the FLEx Conference will be open to a wider audience for registration and participation. The Events page for the FLEx Conference will be updated with further information.

Past Events

FLeX 2020 – Foreign Language Excellence Virtual Conference

Friday, April 24, 2020: The inaugural FLeX conference is coming together as an outcome of the Spring 2020 course on Program Development and Administration in the MAFLT Program. More information to come.

Saturday, February 8, 2020: The Midwest Association for Language Learning and Technology hosts a hybrid conference every spring, which means that you can attend from one of the many local hubs or from your own living room. Find out more and register here: http://mwallt.org/event-3418228.