Why Should You Attend an Information Session?

Meet the Program Director and get updates and advice. For…

  • Anyone interested in FLT courses
  • Supervisors of language teachers
  • Prospective graduate students applying to the MAFLT or Certificate Programs

About 30 minutes per session, via Zoom. Click below to RSVP to a scheduled session or request a different time.

Admissions Calendar


火曜日 (kayobi)




Have you submitted your application?

April 5 | 4-5 pm

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Complete the
Orientation Modules
and join the
Orientation Meeting
in early May

Applying to the MAFLT Program next semester?

In the meantime:

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Questions you might want to ask:


  • What qualifications do I need to get into the program?
  • What am I really going to learn in this program?
  • Can I do this program while I am working full-time?
  • How do people usually pay for the program, and is there any financial aid available?
  • What is the MAFLT Program doing to promote linguistic diversity and support under-represented languages and teacher demographics?
  • What steps should I take to prepare my application?