Foreign Language Teaching Program Requirements

MAFLT Program | 30 credits

The Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching (MAFLT) requires a total of 30 credits:

1. Content courses = choose 8 courses for 24 credits.

2. Experiential Module = one master’s project at 5 credits, or two smaller projects at 2 and 3 credits.

3. Final Portfolio = 1 credit, to be completed in the final semester.

The MA allows transfers of up to 9 credits from other institutions or from our own certificate.


Logo for FLT Graduate Certificate

FLT Certificate | 10 credits

The Graduate Certificate, new as of Fall 2021, draws from the same selection of courses and requires 10 credits:

1. Core content course = one of the following (3 credits):

  • FLT 807 Methods of Foreign Language Teaching or
  • FLT 817 Program Development & Administration

2. Other content courses = 2 other courses of your choice (6 credits)

3. Final Portfolio = website showcasing your achievements, to be completed in the final semester (1 credit)

Enrolled in another MSU program? Want to take one course at a time as a Lifelong Learner? You can enroll in FLT courses, but you may need to request an override. Click How to Enroll below for a guide.