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Designed for a wide range of languages, instructional contexts, and levels of teaching experience. Fully online since 2012 and fully accredited. Personalized pace in a diverse academic community. 

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Program requirements


MAFLT Program | 30 credits

1. Content courses = choose 8 courses for 24 credits.

2. Experiential Module = one master’s project at 5 credits, or two smaller projects at 2 and 3 credits.

3. Final Portfolio = 1 credit, to be completed in the final semester.

The MA allows transfers of up to 9 credits from other institutions or from our own certificate.


The Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching is our original, flagship program. It is fully online, fully accredited, and designed to provide a meaningful educational experience that will enhance the work that you are doing as a language teacher from the first module of the first course until long after you publish your final portfolio. Our students and alumni teach more than 20 languages around the world. Most of them complete the MAFLT in about 3 years while working full-time.

Other Paths to Professional Development

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FLT Certificate | 10 credits

1. Core content course = one of the following (3 credits):

  • FLT 807 Methods of Foreign Language Teaching or
  • FLT 817 Program Development & Administration

2. Other content courses = 2 other courses of your choice (6 credits)

3. Final Portfolio = website showcasing your achievements, to be completed in the final semester (1 credit)

We created the Certificate primarily for experienced teachers who already have a graduate degree but want a coherent experience similar to the MAFLT. You can take one course at a time and finish in a year. Apply to the Certificate through the same MSU portal as the MAFLT application. Choose from the same selection of courses as MAFLT students. 

You can take one FLT course at a time and earn continuing education hours (CEUs or SCECHs). Application to MSU Lifelong Education is brief, but tuition and fees are about 25% higher than MAFLT. 

No application needed! You can take one course at a time or add the Certificate to your current degree program. Contact the program and fill out the Special Enrollment Request Form in order to take courses.