Highlights from Experiential Modules

Experiential Modules are 5-credit projects that students develop near the end of the MAFLT program. They are designed and carried out under the personal supervision of a faculty member.

The handouts below can be downloaded. Where available, links will take you to presentations, syllabi, classroom activities, and other materials created by these MAFLT students. Many students post their EM outcomes as part of their Final Portfolios. 

Flyer for Emery "Intercultural Competence in the TPRS/CI Classroom"

Rachel Emery – Self-Designed Project focusing on instruction of intercultural competence with a graded reader (which Rachel also authored)

5 tips for adding a newsletter to your classroom flyer - Allison Comer

Allison Comer – Materials Design Project focusing on a class newsletter in Spanish

Magee Flyer for Quizzes/Professional Development

Sean Magee – teawithbvp Quizzes/Professional Development

Flyer for Hague "Ipads vs Chromebooks"

C J Hague – iPads versus Chromebooks, An Analysis

Sara Eggleston – Je suis au taquet – French language learning resources

Renee Paczkowski – Language Immersion Project in Japan

Sheila Conrad – Ethnographic Project on the French school system