What is an Experiential Module?

  • Designed by the student, supervised by a dedicated faculty mentor whose skills and interests align with your project.
  • Capstone for program – bring together what you have learned and create something meaningful for you and other teachers.
  • Many possible types – intended to draw from your experience and serve your professional goals.
  • Many structures – can complete 1 project in 1 semester, 1 project in 2 semesters, or 2 projects.
  • Generates evidence of your work and skills to be shared in your portfolio.

Experiential Module Project Types

Action Research
Ethnographic Project
Community Outreach/Service Learning
Language or Area Studies Immersion
Teaching Practicum
Program Evaluation and Administration
Materials or Curriculum Design
Professional Seminars on Language Teaching
Conference Participation
Self-Designed Module

Want to see completed EM projects? Final Portfolios all contain an EM section. 

Alumni Portfolios

Highlights from Experiential Modules

Experiential Modules are 5-credit projects that students develop near the end of the MAFLT program. They are designed and carried out under the personal supervision of a faculty member.

The handouts below can be downloaded. Where available, links will take you to presentations, syllabi, classroom activities, and other materials created by these MAFLT students. Many students post their EM outcomes as part of their Final Portfolios.