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Starting a graduate program is a big step! You want to make sure this is the right program for you, and we do too. 

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Our MA and Certificate are both fully online, fully accredited, and designed to provide a meaningful educational experience that will enhance the work that you are doing as a language teacher from the first module of the first course until long after you publish your final portfolio. 

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Financial Aid for Less-Commonly-Served Language Teachers and Learners

Do you teach Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, or another less-commonly-taught language? Do you teach heritage learners of these languages or others, including Native American languages? Do you represent an under-represented group among language teachers?

As of Summer 2022, you are eligible for our new Linguistic Diversity Fellowships! Mention this fellowship when you request information, and eligible applicants will receive a form after you start an application

Our graduate programs are designed to meet the needs of current teachers and aspiring educators of any target language. Intentionally and thoughtfully constructed from the beginning to provide an outstanding #SpartanExperience in a fully online, asynchronous, yet interactive format.

Our courses emphasize proficiency-based approaches and effective integration of culture and technology, guided by current research and internationally-recognized standards. Small class sizes allow for detailed feedback and mentoring from our core faculty.

Our students and alumni teach over 20 world languages, before, during, and after graduate school. We connect regularly through virtual and in-person events. Tuition is the same from anywhere in the world, in-state, out-of-state, or international.

Our core and affiliated faculty are experienced language teachers and teacher educators with doctoral degrees in applied linguistics, educational technology, and related fields who design their own courses and mentor every student. 

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Information on the application process including important dates and procedures. If you are interested in taking one or more MAFLT courses but not the full 30-credit program (yet), see advice and instructions on the Prospective Student FAQs page (link below).  

Upcoming Courses

Courses offered in upcoming semesters are listed in the Current Students section of the site. Follow the link above. Also see updates under News > Latest Posts.

Students from Other MSU Programs

If you are already enrolled in another program at MSU, follow the link above to the How to Enroll page under Current Students. You will need to request an override before you can enroll in FLT courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs page for prospective students provides regularly-updated answers related to choosing a program and taking FLT courses: Prospective Student FAQs. There is a separate page for students already taking FLT courses that includes enrollment, finances, graduation, etc.: Current Student FAQs.