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Individuals can take one or more FLT courses for continuing education units (CEUs or SCECH hours). Expedited admissions process, but tuition is higher. We recommend enrolling in the Certificate.

PD and Continuing Education Options

If you would like to take FLT courses but you do not wish to complete the full MAFLT degree, there are a few options:

Graduate Certificate: You may be interested in the FLT Graduate Certificate. It consists of 10 credits and is designed for both early and later career teachers. Read through the program requirements to see if it is right for you. Details about applying can be found on the Admissions Guide page. We often recommend this option if you have a graduate degree in a related field and some experience but want to add on a credential and improve your skills in regard to language pedagogy. 

Online Language Teaching non-credit courses (6 weeks): Are you interested in the content of FLT courses but want a smaller “dose” of professional development for now? Our unit, CeLTA, also offers short non-credit courses that are sponsored by the Mellon Foundation or the federally-funded National LCTL Resource Center. Learn more here: Online Language Teaching. You can also contact the Program Director to ask about information sessions or workshops.  

Lifelong Learners at MSU

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): If you are looking for continuing education (CEU) credits, you can enroll in MSU and take FLT courses through a program called Graduate Lifelong Education. You must have a BA or BS to be considered for Graduate Lifelong Education student status. The application is fast, so this is a good option if you have missed this semester’s admissions deadline. However, the cost per credit is higher due to additional fees. 

Apply to MSU with
Lifelong Learning status:

What if I decide to go on and earn the MAFLT or Certificate?

If you decide you want to work on the Certificate or the MA with us, you will need to apply to the program directly. See the Admissions Guide and contact the Program Director to discuss your plans. You can ask the instructor of a course you take as a Lifelong Learner to write one of your recommendation letters. If you earn high grades as a Lifelong Learner and meet the other qualifications, you can count on a GRE waiver, and admission is likely.

Courses you take as a Lifelong Learner have to be actively transferred so that they fulfill requirements for the MAFLT or Certificate.  and make sure that transfer happens. See Current Student FAQs or go to MAFLT SharePoint > Admin Forms

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I want to take courses as a Lifelong Learner. How do I enroll?

In order to take FLT courses as a Lifelong Learner, you must become a student at MSU and also get permission from the MAFLT Program Director. Our courses are capped at 15 students so that we can offer a high level of support, feedback, and interaction, and we must consider our enrollments each semester to make sure that we accommodate our currently enrolled MAFLT and Certificate students. In order to succeed in FLT courses when only taking one course at a time, you should have experience in language teaching, sufficient English language skills, and preferably some experience with online learning.

1. Contact the MAFLT Office first!

Please begin by contacting the MAFLT Program Office. Fill out the Contact Form and explain that you are interested in taking a course as a Lifelong Learner. Your response will be sent immediately to the Program Office and the Program Director. That way, we will have a context for your request for permission and can make sure that you have the appropriate resources to help you succeed in the course. We will respond and ask if you have further questions or comments. 

2. Request permission to enroll in FLT courses.

Read the Course Descriptions carefully. Then follow the instructions on the How to Enroll in FLT Courses page. On that page, you will find a link to the Special Enrollment Request form. Please fill it out so that we have sufficient information to respond to your request. We recommend that you take this step prior to or at the same time as Step 3. 

If your first language is not English and you do not have a prior degree from an English-medium program, we will request evidence of sufficient English language proficiency. Please understand that our faculty are experienced language teachers, but we cannot meet the needs of all of our students and meet the objectives of the course while also serving as ESL instructors to a few students. 

3. Apply to MSU with Lifelong Learning status.

To apply to MSU as a Lifelong Learner, complete the simple Lifelong Education Application. Admission to MSU with that status will go quickly, but it does not guarantee that you will be able to enroll in FLT courses. We will accommodate you if we can, but students who are enrolled in the MAFLT or Certificate or related MSU programs will take precedence.

4. Watch carefully for updates via SpartanMail.

We will respond to your requests from the MAFLT Program email: maflt@cal.msu.edu. You will see other automated and personal messages through MSU systems. These messages will go to your MSU Spartanmail account (@msu.edu), not a personal address. Later, you will also get notifications through our online learning platforms.

5. Prepare to take your FLT course.

You will receive messages from your instructor prior to the beginning of the semester with instructions for ordering materials and participating in the course. Between now and then, you will not have access to the course or other internal MAFLT sites yet, but you should download a representative syllabus from the Courses page and click the buttons below to review the materials on these pages of our public site.