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“In response to profound geopolitical, social, cultural, and economic changes…
CAL engages students and cultivates critical and creative thinkers who address the challenge of becoming world citizens”
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early career

aspiring educator

You have a long history as a language learner, a traveler, and an explorer of new ideas as well as new locations. You want to inspire others to become multilingual citizens of the world. First, you want to enhance your skills and credentials and connect with a network of educators who can inspire you. 

leveling up

experienced instructor

You are well-versed the life of the classroom and the challenges of engaging language learners. Now you are ready to focus on enhancing your skills as you focus on effective methods, intercultural awareness, and innovative technology. You want to explore, create, and set a trajectory for growth. 

teacher leader

innovator and influencer

You know that language learning and language teaching can take many different forms, and you want to contribute to transforming the field. Whether you want to guide fellow educators, create innovative materials, or explore research, you are looking for courses that connect theory to practice.

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The MAFLT program has been intentionally and thoughtfully constructed since 2012 to provide an outstanding online learning experience. 

Requirements include 8 courses, the Experiential Module (master’s project), and a web-based Final Portfolio.  Most teacher-learners complete the program in 2 to 3 years while working full-time.

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The Graduate Certificate, available as of Fall 2021, offers a coherent and well-rounded but briefer educational experience.

Requirements include 3 courses selected from the FLT catalog and a web-based Final Portfolio.

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Looking for other options for taking FLT courses? See our Prospective Student FAQs for help choosing a path that will meet your needs. Also see our News and Events for resources and opportunities.

  • Current students in MSU graduate programs who want to enhance their teaching credentials. 
  • Language teachers who want continuing education credits or professional development hours. 

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