Student Portfolios

screenshot of Derek Jackson's portfolio landing page

Derek Jackson

Fall 2018

screenshot of montoya website homepage

Orlinda Perea Montoya

Fall 2018

screenshot of whitacre portfolio homepage

Kristen Whitacre

Fall 2018

Online Teaching Portfolios

All of our students create teaching portfolios at the end of the program that describe and demonstrate their approaches to language teaching and showcase work they have done. 

Click the links below to visit any of these online portfolios. If you would like to find out more about these master teachers or any of their content, their portfolio sites provide contact information.

Click here for brief bios of these alumni, listed in alphabetical order.

Final Portfolios include:

  • Teacher Credentials 
  • Philosophy of Language Teaching
  • Demonstration of Teaching Practices
  • Assessment Design or Evaluation
  • Intercultural Teaching Materials
  • Technology for FLT (for face-to-face and remote learning)
  • Experiential Module (Master’s Project)


2022 Graduates

Coming Soon!

2021 Graduates

Home page of Agnieszka Makles - Polish
Agnieszka Makles | Polish
Lady Carolina Diaz-Palacio - Portfolio Home
Lady Diaz Palacio | Spanish
Tracie Whiting Kipper - Portfolio Home
Tracie Whiting Kipper | Japanese
Katherine Byrne - Portfolio Screenshot
Katherine Byrne | Spanish
David Sceggel - Portfolio Screenshot
David Sceggel | Spanish
Yoshiko Himata Paris - Portfolio Screenshot
Yoshiko Himata Paris | Japanese
Petra Jones - Portfolio Screenshot
Petra Jones | German
Mahlon Kester - Portfolio Screenshot
Mahlon Kester | Spanish
Josh Brown | German & French
Trisha Funk | Spanish
Kaleigh Doan | French
Jenelle Blackman | French / Spanish
Charlotte Nevin | German
Eda Morlock | Spanish & Early Literacy
Chelsea Gordon | EFL
Rebecca Diaz - Portfolio Screenshot
Rebecca Diaz | Spanish

2020 Graduates

Sara Bolaños | Spanish
Paul Nitz | Koine Greek
Home Page of Nili Pinhasi's portfolio
Nili Pinhasi | Hebrew
Matthew Starr | Spanish
Kerrah Caballero | Spanish
Aisha Y Salem Garged | Arabic
Ani Alcocer | Spanish
Katelyn Baddeley | Spanish
Mary Block | Spanish
Isabella Dolehanty | EFL and Japanese
Home page of Pia Pallero's portfolio
Maria Pia Pallero | EFL and Spanish
Home page of Courtney Mayes Bonino's Portfolio
Courtney Mayes Bonino | Spanish
Sara True | French & Spanish
Home page of Luciana's site for teaching Brazilian Portuguese
Luciana Albuquerque | Portguese

2019 Graduates

Rachel Emery | Spanish
Bill Langley | Spanish
Francesca Regalado | Spanish, ESL
Alona Shupe Andrews | Spanish
Susan Tu | Chinese
Sarah Wroblewski | Spanish
Freda Yoshioka | Japanese
Mihoko Raub | Japanese (restricted access)
Home page of Maggie Rutkowski's portfolio
Maggie Rutkowski | Spanish (restricted access)
Lauren Novak Krause | German (restricted access)
Xiaozhong Tang | Chinese Professor (restricted access)

2018 Graduates

Derek Jackson (Fall 2018)
Hilaria Taft (Fall 2018)
Michele Wellman-Teeple (Fall 2018)
Kirsten Whitacre (Fall 2018)
Orlinda Perea Montoya (Summer 2018)
Krystopher Perry (Summer 2018) 
Mariela Andrade (Spring 2018) 
CJ Hague (Spring 2018) 
Lillian Lermon (Spring 2018) 
YoungOak Morgan (Spring 2018) 
Andrew Sewick (Spring 2018)

2017 and Earlier

Sara Eggleston (Fall 2017) 
Gao Lan (Fall 2017) 
Allison Comer Djoko (Spring 2016) 
Laureen Davison (Spring 2016) 
Melissa Horn (Spring 2016) 
Raneen Elbakry (Spring 2017)
Sean Magee (Spring 2017) 
Carolyn Murray (Spring 2017) 
Stephanie Bennett (Fall 2016) 
Danielle Boston (Fall 2016) 
Lindsay Decker (Fall 2016) 
Kady Neal Dewald (Fall 2016) 
Molly Dishmon (Fall 2016) 
Carmen Durham (Fall 2016) 


James Fetterman (Summer 2015) 
Sheila (Conrad) Piasecki (Spring 2015) 
Tiffany Robinson (Fall 2014)
Marie Smith (Fall 2014)
Michael Ibrahim (Summer 2014)