The Graduate Program Handbook is revised each year to reflect MSU resources and requirements. Access the full PDF including Appendices on Academic Writing, Technology, Final Portfolios, and more.

FLT Graduate Program Handbook

FLT Handbook cover

The Graduate Program Handbook describes the MAFLT Program and the Graduate Certificate, outlines the steps in the application process, lists degree requirements, reviews the courses that are taught in the program, and policies and procedures within the program as well as summarizing University policies and their implications for FLT students.

If you have questions about the content of the MAFLT Graduate Program Handbook, please email the MAFLT Program at or make an appointment with the Program Director.

Download the Handbook - PDF with Links

Program Handbook Appendices

Handbook Appendix D
  • A. Admissions Guide for Master of Arts and Certificate
  • B. General Policies and Expectations in FLT Courses
  • C. Academic Writing in FLT Courses
  • D. Technology in FLT Courses
  • E. Experiential Module Project Guide
  • F. Final Portfolio Guide: Course and Comprehensive Exam


Handbook with Appendices - PDF with Links

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