Foreign Language Teaching Graduate Certificate

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Complete three courses and an online teaching portfolio to earn a transcriptable graduate certificate in Foreign Language Teaching.

Designed as a complement or extension to another MA or PhD degree, and also appropriate for someone just starting in the field or just looking for a few courses to fulfill a requirement.

Choose any three courses, as long as one of them is Methods of Foreign Language Teaching OR Program Development & Administration.

What are my other options for taking FLT courses?

Lifelong Learning Status

Take one course at a time. Application is short and simple, but cost per courses is a little higher.

See FAQs and How to Enroll page.

Master of Arts in FLT

Take all 8 courses and complete a customized master’s project (Experiential Module) and an online teaching portfolio.

See Program Requirements, Course Descriptions, and Portfolios.

Note that this Certificate is not the same as earning certification to teach in a public school in a given state, though it might help you if you need coursework in order to earn your K-12 certification. For example, this page explains the process for certification through Michigan State’s College of Education: Certification Requirements for Candidates with Bachelor’s Degrees. Also see our FAQ page for prospective students.