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To enroll in a class or classes within the MAFLT Program (FLT courses), MAFLT students go directly to http://schedule.msu.edu and search for FLT courses during the semester in which they would like to take the class or classes. They click on the icon in front of the course listing to add that course to their "course planner." (This is the same place where students can un-enroll from classes.) 

MAFLT students who want to take Experiential Module Credits and/or the Comprehensive Portfolio Exam must request an override to enroll. Email the professor in charge of the Experiential Module to request an override to enroll in the Experiential Module. Check in the Course Scheduler (schedule.msu.edu) to see which professor is in charge of the Experiential Module during the semester in which you want to enroll. Email the director of the MAFLT Program Director to request an override to enroll in the Comprehensive Portfolio Exam. The EM and Portfolio credits are restricted to MAFLT students only.

If you are not in the MAFLT Program (if you are a Lifelong Education student or if you are in another program), then you must receive an "override" to enroll in FLT classes. Please email the professor of the course in which you would like to enroll. Provide him or her with your PID and let him or her know which program (Lifelong Ed., Department of Education) you are in. Based on enrollment, the professor will either let you in directly or waitlist you for entrance into the course. If the professor agrees to provide you with an override, then will then receive an email from the MAFLT Program Coordinator alerting you that you have been cleared to enroll for your course or courses. Then, you must still register for your course(s).