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Newsletter_MAFLT_Fall-Spring2019_P1.jpgThe Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching (MAFLT) Program publishes a newsletter three times a year. Our newsletter is full of program news, alumni updates and university events.

Have a story, a news item, or achievement to share with us? Send it along. We’d love to include it in the next newsletter. Send your contribution to maflt@cal.msu.edu.

View our Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 Newsletter: MAFLT@MSU Fall18-Spring19

View our Summer 2018 Newsletter: MAFLT @ MSU Summer 2018

View our Spring 2018 Newsletter: MAFLT @ MSU Spring 2018

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MAFLT Student Panel Discussion

CeLTA Professional Development Series - February 12, 2019




At the end of the MAFLT program, students compile a final portfolio with the following major components:

Portfolio Components

  • Introduction
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • CV (curriculum vitae)
  • Methods Evidence
  • Technology Evidence
  • Culture Evidence
  • Assessment Evidence
  • Experiential Module Outcomes
  • Program Reflection

Final Portfolios

Want to see what our graduates have accomplished? Click the links below.  

Derek Jackson (Fall 2018)
Hilaria Taft (Fall 2018)
Michele Wellman-Teeple (Fall 2018)
Kirsten Whitacre (Fall 2018)
Orlinda Perea Montoya (Summer 2018)
Krystopher Perry (Summer 2018)
Mariela Andrade (Spring 2018)
CJ Hague (Spring 2018)
Lillian Lermon (Spring 2018)
YoungOak Morgan (Spring 2018)
Andrew Sewick (Spring 2018)


Sara Eggleston (Fall 2017) 
Gao Lan (Fall 2017) 
Allison Comer Djoko (Spring 2016) 
Laureen Davison (Spring 2016) 
Melissa Horn (Spring 2016) 
Raneen Elbakry (Spring 2017)


Sean Magee (Spring 2017)
Carolyn Murray (Spring 2017)
Stephanie Bennett (Fall 2016)
Danielle Boston (Fall 2016)
Lindsay Decker (Fall 2016)
Kady Neal Dewald (Fall 2016)
Molly Dishmon (Fall 2016)
Carmen Durham (Fall 2016)
Alison Vold (Summer 2015)


James Fetterman (Summer 2015)
Sheila Conrad (Spring 2015)
Tiffany Robinson (Fall 2014)
Marie Smith (Fall 2014)
Michael Ibrahim (Summer 2014)

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Many MAFLT alumni have chosen to come to East Lansing at the end of the program to walk in the Michigan State graduation ceremony and celebrate with faculty and peers. This video shows many of these proud moments, ranging from 2016 to 2018. 


Experiential Modules are 5-credit projects that students develop near the end of the MAFLT program. They are designed and carried out under the personal supervision of a faculty member.

The handouts below can be downloaded. Where available, links will take you to presentations, syllabi, classroom activities, and other materials created by these MAFLT students. Many students post their EM outcomes as part of their Final Portfolios. 

Rachel Emery - Self-Designed Project focusing on instruction of intercultural competence with a graded reader (which Rachel also authored)

Emery EM Flyer PNG.png


Allison Comer – Materials Design Project focusing on a class newsletter in Spanish


Sean Magee - teawithbvp Quizzes/Professional Development


C J Hague - iPads versus Chromebooks, An Analysis



Sara Eggleston - Je suis au taquet - French language learning resources

Renee Paczkowski – Language Immersion Project in Japan

Sheila Conrad – Ethnographic Project on the French school system


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Conference Presentations

The MAFLT students have been successfully presenting at conferences across the U.S. Here are a few examples of the work they have done:


YoungOak Morgan & Dr. Lanier @ NCOLCTL (2018) Cultivating Intercultural Competence Before, During, and After Immersion

Joe Leibson (Class of 2016) presented his work on the use of NearPod in the classroom at the 2015 ACTFL convention in San Diego. For more details, watch his video presentation here.

Teaching with Technology eText

In Teaching with Tech, you will read the words and stories of educators adapting to and working with technology in ways that make their classrooms, whether virtual or traditional, better places for all stakeholders. As a professor in the Masters of Art Foreign Language Teaching Program (MAFLT), Dr. Dustin De Felice had the distinct pleasure of working with a small group of dedicated professionals who were interested in discussing, experimenting with and critiquing technology use in their classroom as well as in classrooms-at-large. The final result of this time spent together is contained in a freely available etext downloadable to most tablets, handheld devices and/or traditional desk/laptops. The overall volumes are organized into four sections beginning with persuasive essays on specific topics within technology and classroom use and ending with reviews of technology oriented resources/article.

Timeline Tools

In order to help us understand the myriad of concepts, scholars, terms & theories, the MAFLT students built a number of functional timelines during their time with the courses, FLT 807 Methods in Foreign Language Teaching and FLT 860: Second/Foreign Language Acquisition. Using a Google spreadsheet, a timeline tool and the World Wide Web, the students developed these timelines into a resource easily shared and explore. All of these timelines were developed and organized by the graduate students at Michigan State University in the MAFLT program.

MAFLT Publications

We offer a selection of articles, blog postings and other resources developed by the MAFLT students and faculty. We believe these resources may be useful to anyone, though they may be especially useful for scholars, practitioners, instructors and other researchers.

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