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Our students come from all walks of life and we have in-service teachers with years of experience as well as pre-service teachers who are aspiring to enter the field of language teaching.

Mariela Andrade.JPG

Mariela Andrade

Mariela is a Chilean EFL teacher, currently teaching Spanish in a High School in Northern Virginia. This is her second year in the MAFTL and she’s so glad she’s on it! She has learned so much, her language classes have also improved a whole bunch and what's the best, this MA has sparked her imagination many times (too many perhaps!) on the steps she wants her career to take.

Carla Campos.jpg

Carla Campos

Carla is Peruvian but she currently lives in Switzerland in the French-speaking zone. She moved there 2 years ago on an expat assignment from her husband's job and they will probably stay there for 2 more years. Before that, they lived in Spain, Barcelona, since 2003. She is a translator but she has worked as an English and Spanish instructor for many years in Peru, Spain and now in Switzerland. To improve her teaching skills she got the CELTA certificate in Barcelona and started a second career program ("pedagogia") but she couldn't finish it because they moved and now she is really motivated to complete the MAFLT. She is currently working online and teaching the Spanish club at an international school here in Lausanne.

Hanh Do.jpg

Hanh Do

Hanh is originally from Vietnam. She moved to the Washington DC Metro area almost 7 years ago. She is teaching Vietnamese to adult learners who are required to speak the language for their job. She’s in this MAFLT program to strengthen her teaching skills and help make her language program better.

 Sara Eggleston.jpg

Sara Eggleston

Sara currently teaches French Online and in person across four Charter College Prep High Schools in Michigan. It's an unusual job that has presented her with many challenges. She is a one woman department, and this is her fourth year building the program. In her free time, she enjoys reading, ceramics, wake boarding, snow skiing, and yoga.

Gao Lan.jpg

Lan Gao

Gao is from Mainland China and has been living in the Philippines for more than 10 years. She teaches Chinese language in an international school in Manila. She teaches from preschool to year 9.  This is her 5th year of teaching. The learning experience in MAFLT is very inspiring. Her teaching benefits a lot from all the courses she has taken.


C J Hague

C J teaches English as a Second Language at Kealing Middle School in Austin, Texas. The 2016-2017 school year was his first full year teaching in the United States, after four years living and teaching EFL in Ecuador. He is originally from Indiana, where he attended Goshen College, earning an undergraduate degree in TESOL. This is his second year in the MAFLT program, and through his courses thus far he has learned about a wide variety of topics. He has also gained many specific strategies and techniques that have been applicable in his teaching. C J also coaches 7th/8th grade soccer, and outside of his teaching and MAFLT work he enjoys exploring new music music, traveling, cycling, and trying all the awesome BBQ restaurants of Central Texas.


Derek Jackson

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Christopher Jones

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William Langley.jpg

William Langley

William lives in New Paris, Ohio and he teaches Spanish at Richmond High School in Richmond, Indiana. He received a BA in Spanish and a BS in Foreign Language Education from Miami University in 2013. During his undergrad, he spent a semester in Costa Rica, attending la Universidad Nacional. After graduating from Miami he took on the title of chapter president for the Buckeye Chapter of AATSP, with this title he also became very involved in the Ohio Foreign Language Association where he was introduced to the works of Dr. VanPatten, and became enamored with teaching with comprehensible input. His free time is spent at the gym, reading, or singing karaoke.

Lillian Lermon.JPG

Lillian Lermon

Lillian is currently living in Round Rock, Texas. It is just north of Austin, Texas. (The music capital of the world!) She teaches Spanish I to eighth graders. They are taking the course in middle school for high school credit. It is her first year teaching Spanish. Prior to teaching Spanish, she taught third grade math and science, first grade gen. ed, and first grade dual langauge.


Mohamed has been working since 2011 as an Arabic teacher at the Collegiate American School, Dubai, U.A.E. He is in his third semester in the MAFLT and he is proud that he is a student in the program because the way of learning, it is different than he learned before and he is learning a lot of great and new ideas. He likes sharing, and he hopes to learn from more from his colleagues. He is married, and he has one daughter.

Mohamed Moghazy

Mohamed Moghazy.jpg

YoungOak Morgan.jpg

YoungOak Morgan

YoungOak Morgan was born and raised in Korea and immigrated to the U.S. 16+ years ago. She teaches Korean full time at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. She's been working there for 10+ years as an assessment specialist and a Korean language instructor. Currently, she lives in Pacific Grove with her hubby and two children (10th and 7th graders). She loves outdoor activities, traveling, tasting new food, watching movies and chatting with her husband. She has a BA in TESOL from Brigham Young University Hawaii from 2005.


Lauren Novak

Virginia, German


Maria Orlinda Perea Montoya

New Jersey, Spanish


Renee Paczkowski

Renee received her B. A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Michigan State University in 2004, after which she completed her teaching credentials in Japanese Language and Culture and Social Studies. An alumni of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program, Renee lived and taught EFL to elementary and high school students in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture, Japan for five years before returning home to Michigan. She has taught Japanese Language at the high school level, as well as supervised before and after school childcare programs in Southeast Michigan schools. Renee is currently working as a Language Training Specialist for a language training company in Troy, MI. She is returning to the MAFLT program after a one year break, and is very happy to be back!

Krys Perry.jpeg

Krystopher Perry

Krystopher Perry teaches Spanish at University School, an independent boys' school in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH. He is in the middle of his first year as department chair of Languages at his school. So far the job has been quite a bit of work, broader and more demanding than he imagined. But he works with wonderful colleagues, whose commitment to our practice inspires him everyday.

Margaret Rutkowski.jpg

Margaret Rutkowski

Maggie is in her third year teaching Spanish at Henry Ford College, a community college near Detroit, and sixth overall. She is in the MAFLT program to strengthen her background in education because her degrees are in Spanish. She has already used techniques learned from MAFLT courses in her classes and shared them with her colleagues.

Andrew Sewick.jpg

Andrew Sewick

Andrew lives in Norfolk, Virginia where he teaches Spanish to undergraduates at Old Dominion University. He originally comes from Michigan, where he studied Spanish and linguistics at MSU for his BA, and then went to Spain to get his MA in Spanish language studies from NYU. He is in the MATFL program because he thinks that the ideas and resources from these courses could help make his classes better and can help out his department as well. He has been teaching for over 6 years now and loves it.

Alona Shupe.jpg

Alona Shupe

Alona Shupe teaches 7th grade Spanish at Hopewell Middle School in Milton, Georgia, a suburb just north of Atlanta. This is her 7th year at the school, 6th serving as the World Language department lead, and 10th teaching. She taught high school (Spanish I-II) for three years in south Georgia and she did her student teaching in grades K-5.


Shu Jr (Susan) Tu

Shu Jr (Susan) Tu came from Taiwan and immigrated to the US since 2008. She has been working with young children more than 20 years. Her expertise is teaching young children in Chinese and Creative Dance. She is currently teaching Pre-K Chinese Immersion class at a Lansing Public School, and she is also an instructor of Pre-K and kid Chinese classes at the MSU CeLTA language school since 2013.

Michele Wellman-Teeple lives and works in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, at Bay Mills Community College, located on a small reservation, Bay Mills. Anishnaabemwin, the language she teaches, is the indigenous language of this area, and it is also known as Ojibwe, Odaawa and Boodwe’aadomii here in Michigan. She has been studying this language for about 20 years, and teaching it for 18. She has 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. She and her husband have been married for 34 years.

Michele Wellman-Teeple

Michele Wellman-Teeple.JPG


Kirsten Whitacre

Coming Soon!.


Freda Yoshioka

Coming Soon!



Spring 2017


Raneen Elbakry

Raneen grew up in Alexandria, Egypt and received most of her education there, including a B.S. in plant pathology. After graduating, she worked in Alexandria University's research department with responsibilities in working with many visiting professors from various American universities. After moving to New Jersey twelve years ago, she started teaching Arabic at multiple non-profit organizations. In her spare time, she loves hiking with her husband and their 9-year-old twins, who speak Arabic and English.


Megan Stevens

Meghan is currently working as a French Adjunct at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is in her second semester, so she is still getting used to things, but it is going okay.


Sean Magee

Coming Soon!

Carolyn Murray.jpg

Carolyn Murray

Carolyn currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA and has been teaching high school and middle school French for seven years. She has taught mostly at public schools in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, but has taught online as well to students all over the US. She really enjoys teaching lower levels and introducing students to the joys of learning French. She's passionate about making L2 learning accessible to all students and just plain fun. In addition to speaking French, she also speaks German. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, cooking, and traveling.



Fall 2016

 Stephanie Bennett.jpg

Stephanie Bennett

Stephanie is a French teacher at Coffee High School in Douglas, Georgia. She has previously taught Spanish at Coffee High School and at Jeff Davis High School. She completed her undergraduate studies at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia, earning a B.A. in French (Foreign Language Education Track), with a minor in Spanish and an ESOL certificate. While at Valdosta State University, she completed a summer study abroad at Universidad de Cádiz in Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain. She earned her Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching in December 2016. During her time with the MAFLT she also completed a study abroad at École Québec Monde, a French immersion school in Québec City, Canada.


Danielle Boston

Danielle was born and raised in Geneva, Illinois but attended Clemson University in South Carolina for her bachelors degree. She received her degree in secondary education for French and studied abroad for a semester in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Currently, she is enjoying her second year teaching French at Meadow Glen Middle School in Lexington, Sc. She has taught novice and immersion level French and is a co-director of an exchange program between her school and another middle school in Clermont-Ferrand, France. She is looking forward to incorporating new strategies and methodologies into her classroom. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, and crafting.

Lindsay Decker.jpg

Lindsay Decker

Lindsay is delighted to say that after 5 years of teaching experience, she finally has a tool-belt of pedagogy and research on her side. In a way she was lucky to start teaching without predetermined notions of what the perfect classroom looks like. Inexperience led her to rely on creative instincts and personal successes and failures in second language learning to reach her students.  Her time as a graduate student in the Foreign Language Teaching Program at Michigan State University has only empowered her creative abilities as a teacher.


Molly Dishmon

Michigan, USA


Language(s): Spanish

Carmen Durham.png

Carmen Durham

Carmen was born in Romania and moved to the United States as a child. She graduated summa cum laude from Samford University in Birmingham, AL with a BA in Spanish and a certification to teach P-12. While at Samford, Carmen studied abroad in Spain and Ecuador. She also graduated with a MA in Teaching Foreign Languages at Michigan State University. Carmen has taught Spanish and English as a second language. She is currently working at the writing center at El Paso Community College in TX. Her research interests include language as a tool for building identity within community, the effects of media and technology on language learning, and the incorporation of cultural elements in a language classroom of very diverse learners. Carmen also enjoys traveling, hiking, and sketching.


Alison Dykman

Alison attended Grand Valley State University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Social Studies Education. While completing her degree, she lived in Nice, France and attended the Ecole France Langue. She is currently the French teacher at Haslett High School in Haslett, Michigan. She is the advisor for the French Club, Harry Potter Club and Quiz Bowl team. She has led student tours to France, Britain and Italy.


Kady Neal

Kady graduated from Hope College with a Bachelors in French. During her years at Hope, she studied and lived in Nantes, France. She was also able to help out with the school's ESL program when a lady from Paris enrolled. After graduating she worked for almost two years in a financial center, dealing with the company's French-Canadian customers. In the past year she decided to pursue teaching French in order to share her passion with others. Besides French, she enjoys scrap-booking, singing, crafts and her 3 cats.



Summer 2016


Megan DeVoss

Georgia, USA


Language(s): ESOL


Nancy Elsobkey

Nancy Elsobkey was born in Kuwait, but is Egyptian and from Alexandria. She lived in Kuwait for 17 years, then moved to Egypt to get her B.Sc. in veterinary medicine. But, she realized she has a passion for languages and teaching. So she received three post graduate certificates, two in teaching, and one in teaching Arabic from The American University in Cairo. She has 10 years of teaching experience, 7 of them in teaching Arabic as a second language. Presently she is working at an Australian University in Dubai UOWD. This is her 4th year there. She loves learning languages and so is learning Chinese now. Nancy likes reading and swimming. She moved to the UAE with her husband 8 years ago. They have two girls, 3 and 8 years old, both fluent in Arabic and English.


Joseph Leibson

Joe teaches 4th, 6th and 7th grade Spanish at Covington in Birmingham Public Schools. He was certified as an elementary classroom teacher at Antioch University in Santa Barbara, CA. Joe’s first teaching job was as a sixth grade teacher at Escuela Internacional Sampedrana in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He has also worked for buildOn, a nonprofit organization that builds schools in developing countries, for which he led groups of high school students on trips to Nicaragua and Mali to help with school construction in rural villages. He has been a classroom teacher and has experience teaching Spanish in grades K-12. Joe grew up in Oak Park, MI and graduated from Berkley High. He currently lives in Plymouth with his wife and two children.


Merih Sumpter

Merih completed her Bachelor’s degree at Marmara University in Istanbul with a major in English Language Teaching in 2001. She was hired as an EFL instructor at a state university when she graduated. Since then, she has been teaching EFL at secondary and higher education settings. She received a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Scholarship in 2004-2005 academic years that allowed her to study and teach at the University of Texas at Austin. Consequently, combined with her training, EFL teaching experience, and teaching Turkish as a foreign language to American students, she is pursuing a graduate degree in foreign language teaching. She particularly enjoys the MAFLT program because the program gives her the flexibility to carry out her studies and projects on teaching both English and Turkish as a foreign language. Besides teaching language and culture, she loves spending time with her family.



Spring 2016


Allison Comer

Allison was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but was raised in Haslett, Michigan, just outside of East Lansing. She studied Spanish and English as a Second Language and Education at Michigan State University. She is currently a Spanish teacher in Schoolcraft, Michigan, just south of Kalamazoo. She taught for three years in North Carolina and is currently in her fourth year of teaching. She is a part of the technology committee at her school and enjoys learning new technology tips she can incorporate into her classroom. She enjoys watching MSU basketball and football and the Detroit Tigers. She also likes to read, run and play euchre.


Laureen Davison

Laureen’s professional background is related to teaching and speaking Spanish in various settings over the course of many years (sometimes more then she cares to admit). Currently Laureen teaches Spanish at a Classical Christian school in New Castle, Delaware and has taught there for eight years. Although Laureen grew up in Pennsylvania, she now lives in Delaware and is married to Bruce and they have two sons, Raymond and Brian (who are post college and in college, respectively). Despite being in an empty nest stage of life, Laureen is looking forward to the learning new strategies and methodologies to incorporate into her classes.

 Melissa Horn.jpg

Melissa Horn

Prior to joining the program at MSU, Melissa received a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Iowa. Originally from New Jersey, she currently lives in Concord, New Hampshire where she teaches Spanish to an enthusiastic group of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students


Jacob West

Jacob has studied Russian and Arabic extensively. He has lived in Russia and Egypt, served in the military, and translated for local refugees during Elementary School parent-teacher conferences. Tutoring others in those languages got Jacob started in loving to teach. After receiving a BA in Middle Eastern Studies: Arabic from the University of Utah, he found the MAFLT program at MSU. He enjoys teaching English as a foreign language and Arabic to English speakers. In his spare time he plays as much ultimate Frisbee as possible, works as an EMT, and spends time with his wife and newborn son.



Spring 2015


Sheila Conrad

Sheila graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Northern Iowa in 2008 with a dual degree in French Teaching and Middle Level Education and a minor in Creative Writing. Her primary research interests are in the areas of listening comprehension and instructed second language acquisition. Sheila is going into her fifth year as a French teacher at Bettendorf High School where she teaches all levels of French: Levels I, II, III, IV, Culture and Conversation, and A.P. In addition to teaching, she is the school's France Trip coordinator, French Club Sponsor, and Scholastic Bowl Coach. Her interests outside of French and teaching include reading, writing, walking her dog, watching hockey, watching movies, participating in Zumba, and traveling.

James Fetterman.png

James Fetterman

James attended Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish as well as Primary and Secondary Education. He also studied for six months in Valparaíso, Chile, at La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. He is currently a high school Spanish teacher in Sterling, Virginia, where he teaches classes designed for both nonnative and heritage-speaking students. His current interests include language assessment and interlanguage of second language learners.


Alison Vold

Alison graduated with a B.A. in Spanish and Secondary Education from the University of Montana. During her collegiate career, she also attended the Universidad de Vigo and the Universidad de Murcia in Spain. Alison is currently going into her 6th year teaching Spanish I-III at Sheridan High School in Sheridan, Wyoming. She also works as an Adjunct Professor at Sheridan College. Alison helped lead student trips to Costa Rica and Mexico. Living next to the Big Horn Mountains, she loves to ski, hike, kayak, and play with her dog.


Jamie Vraniak Terlaak

Jamie attended Michigan State University where she earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She then went on to attend Eastern Michigan University where she completed a Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification with a major in Spanish, during which time she studied for 8 weeks at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain. She currently works for Plymouth-Canton Community Schools in Canton, MI where she teaches Spanish II at the high school level. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, writing and photography, as well as spending time with her husband and their dog.


Christiane Higashi

Christiane was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Her father emigrated to Canada from France when he was in his mid 20's. Her mother's mother was also a French immigrant to Canada. That makes Christiane French and Canadian, but not culturally French Canadian (Quebecois), if that makes sense. She lived and went to college in Montana (BA in French from the University of Montana) and currently lives in Washington State. When no French teaching jobs were available in the part of Montana where she lived, Christiane began what ended up being a career in the airlines. When her son was born, she took 14 years off from work to be a stay-at-home mother. She finally got a permanent teaching job the summer she turned 50. Christiane teaches French at two different high schools. She is married to Cliff Higashi, hence the Japanese surname (her maiden name is Delesalle). She and Cliff now have two 20-something children, who are both college students as well.



Fall 2014


Tiffany Robinson

Tiffany completed her undergraduate degree with honors at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She received a B.A. with a Spanish major and Biology minor for Secondary Education. While completing her degree, she lived in Ávila, Spain and attended the Universidad de Salamanca for eight weeks. Currently, she is a full-time teacher at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School in Flint Township, Michigan. She teaches exploratory Spanish and Spanish for high school credit, while working to build a modified immersion language program. In addition to teaching, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family.


Marie Smith

Marie completed her undergraduate degree at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI. She received a BA in Spanish K-12 Education and English Secondary Education. While studying at EMU, she lived in Ávila, Spain for 8 weeks attending Universidad de Salamanca. After graduating in 2010, she relocated to Hilton Head, South Carolina and is a full time teacher at Bluffton High School. She teaches Spanish 1 and 2 and assistant coaches the varsity cheer-leading team. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, biking and traveling.



Summer 2014


Michael Ibrahim

Michael grew up in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. In Egypt, the long history of accumulated cultures boosted his passion for the arts, history, and communications. He holds a BA in Applied Arts in Photography, Cinematography, and Television Arts, and was awarded a scholarship by IBM to pursue a diploma in Multimedia. He earned a graduate diploma in Business Administration from the Arab Academy of Science and Technology. He was awarded a skills-based immigration to Canada, where he earned a certificate in Graphic Sign Arts from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. After qualifying for Canadian citizenship, he met his better half in the United States. They moved south, and Michael began tutoring in Arabic at the University of Oklahoma, where he discovered a new passion for teaching Arabic language and culture. Michael is excited about exploring the newest methodologies for teaching foreign language.