New and Current MAFLT Students

To enroll in a course in the MAFLT Program (FLT prefix), MAFLT students can go directly to and search for FLT courses by semester. Click on the icon in front of the course listing to add that course to your Course Planner.

To find out about textbooks and important dates for each course, click the section number and a new window will pop up with that information. FLT courses almost always have the section number 730.

If you need to change your course schedule or un-enroll from the course, use the same process or access your schedule at STUINFO ( and look for the link for Enrollment.

Do you need an override to enroll in FLT courses?

The answer is yes if one of the following situations applies to you. In that case, click the link below to fill out the form. The MAFLT Program Coordinator will contact you when you override has been approved. Then you will need to enroll yourself in the course.

If you are not currently enrolled in the MAFLT Program:

If you are not in the MAFLT Program (if you are a Lifelong Education student or if you are in another program at MSU), then you must receive an override to enroll in FLT courses. Please use the button above to access the Override Request Form. Based on enrollment, you may receive permission to enroll immediately or you may be added to a waitlist for that course.

If you are a current MAFLT student:

MAFLT students who want to take FLT 885 Experiential Module and/or FLT 898 Final Portfolio (Comprehensive Exam) must request an override to enroll. For FLT 885, you should fill out the EM Application form (link in the MAFLT Community) before filling out the Override Request form. For FLT 898, you should be in your last semester of the program. Make sure you have also applied for graduation at:

If you want to enroll in a course that is listed as full:

You may also request an override if a course is full, but you should contact the instructor or the Program Director first.

Further Questions

If you have further questions about enrolling, send an email to: