Available to Anyone – External Links & Downloads

MAFLT Graduate Handbook

FLT Courses – Sample Syllabi

Go to the Course Descriptions page on this site or the D2L MAFLT Community.

MAFLT Brochures and Flyers

Looking for a full media kit? If you would like us to send you print brochures and posters or if you would like to see additional digital materials, use the Help Form to send a request to the MAFLT staff.

Flyer for the MAFLT Program and FLT Certificate

Available to Current Students Only

If you are a current student, you can access information about courses, review program requirements, and find resources in the following places:

MAFLT Community in D2L:

Click this button or log in to D2L and search for Community. Don’t see it? If you are new, you may need to ask to be added. Use the MAFLT Help Request form.

Microsoft SharePoint – Home page:

This is a hub for all things MAFLT in the Microsoft ecosystem. For more information about Spartan365 and Microsoft Tools available to all MSU students, visit Resources or look in a course syllabus or D2L.

Teams – MAFLT Students group:

Faculty and current students are increasingly avid users of Microsoft Teams. Access Teams by clicking this link or go to spartan365.msu.edu and download Teams to your computer and/or mobile device.

Master List of FLT Links:

We have collected a lot of useful links over the years, and now they are compiled into one massive spreadsheet with tabs for various topics. It is updated continuously.

Administrative Forms for FLT Courses

Current Students can click the Students 365 button above and then look for Admin Forms in the side menu.