NLRC Graduate Assistantship

for a Current or New Student in the MAFLT Program


Apply by March 15 to start in Fall 2023

Open to current or new MAFLT students.

Graduate Assistantship

Financial Aid and Professional Growth

  • Earn your Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching
  • Study with us > Two FLT courses per semester 
  • Work with us > 20 hours per week supporting a variety of valuable NLRC projects
  • Tuition, health benefits, and stipend included
  • Distance-based so you can live anywhere in the U.S.

As a student in the MAFLT Program and a graduate assistant, you will be able to go to school full-time while helping to support LCTL teachers like you and developing valuable skills in project management, marketing, assessment, research, curriculum and materials design, advocacy, and leadership. 


The National LCTL Resource Center offers teacher development, open educational resources (free stuff), research projects, collaborations with other language resource centers, and more! 

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