Conference Presentations

The MAFLT students have been successfully presenting at conferences across the U.S. Here are a few examples of the work they have done:

MAFLT Student Presentations 

Teaching with Technology eText

In Teaching with Tech, you will read the words and stories of educators adapting to and working with technology in ways that make their classrooms, whether virtual or traditional, better places for all stakeholders. As a professor in the Masters of Art Foreign Language Teaching Program (MAFLT), Dr. Dustin De Felice had the distinct pleasure of working with a small group of dedicated professionals who were interested in discussing, experimenting with and critiquing technology use in their classroom as well as in classrooms-at-large. The final result of this time spent together is contained in a freely available etext downloadable to most tablets, handheld devices and/or traditional desk/laptops. The overall volumes are organized into four sections beginning with persuasive essays on specific topics within technology and classroom use and ending with reviews of technology oriented resources/article.

Timeline Tools

In order to help us understand the myriad of concepts, scholars, terms & theories, the MAFLT students built a number of functional timelines during their time with the courses, FLT 807 Methods in Foreign Language Teaching and FLT 860: Second/Foreign Language Acquisition. Using a Google spreadsheet, a timeline tool and the World Wide Web, the students developed these timelines into a resource easily shared and explore. All of these timelines were developed and organized by the graduate students at Michigan State University in the MAFLT program.

MAFLT Publications

We offer a selection of articles, blog postings and other resources developed by the MAFLT students and faculty. We believe these resources may be useful to anyone, though they may be especially useful for scholars, practitioners, instructors and other researchers.