Virtual Video-based Inquiry for the Development of LCTL Teachers

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National Less Commonly Taught Languages Resource Center at Michigan State University

Graduate Programs in Foreign Language Teaching

 LCTL Instructor Fellow Position Description

The Virtual Video-based Inquiry for the Development of LCTL Teachers (ViVID) Project, funded by the National Less Commonly Taught Languages Resource Center (National LCTL Resource Center, NLRC) is accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year. If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to engage in a professional development experience that is specifically designed to meet the needs of LCTL instructors, contribute to research that will inform further PD, form a community with the other Fellows and Facilitators. If you participate throughout the year, you will receive a stipend of $1000 in recognition of your time and commitment.  

The ViVID Project is designed to build a supportive virtual community of practice for in-service teachers of less commonly taught languages currently working as full-time teachers in the United States. The goal of the project is to enhance pedagogical skills and practices as teachers share videos of their teaching and analyze them within that supportive virtual community of teachers.

The teacher fellow will be asked to record videos of their teaching at regular intervals throughout the school year, to share these videos and related materials with their peers on a web-based platform that supports detailed tagging and commenting, to respond to these videos using customized self-assessment and peer observation rubrics, and to participate in semi-structured interviews with project facilitators. The teacher is expected to have their own technological devices to record the class (i.e., personal cellphone cameras or tablets are acceptable) and participate in the annotation and discussion stages (i.e., computer or tablet), but the teacher can apply for an internal technology scholarship to cover costs of technological devices if lacking resources.

Time Commitment:
5-10 hours/month for 10 months (September 2022 to June 2023). Activities will include exploring professional development modules in our learning management system, interacting with other Fellows and the Facilitators, and completing the video-based reflective teaching and peer observation tasks. The Fellows will record and share one video per month along with a description of the class. Then, the other Fellows and the Facilitators will respond to these videos using annotation features in PlayPosit. During the year, Fellows will also participate in two interviews and have additional opportunities to discuss their work and the project. 

$100 a month (paid in two installments totaling $1000 by the end of the project year)

Teacher fellows are expected to be teaching full time as the primary instructor of record of a less commonly taught language in an educational institution. All applicants must be eligible to work in the USA.   

The National LCTL Resource Center offers teacher development, open educational resources (free stuff), research projects, collaborations with other language resource centers, and more! 


You can complete the application below or open it in a new window here: ViVID Project Fellow Application

Important: Submission does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a ViVID Fellow. We can only accept ten Fellows per cohort, and we will need to confirm your teaching situation is compatible with the project and that your citizenship or visa status will allow you to receive the stipend. If you are eligible but not selected for the current year, you will be encouraged to apply again the following year.