Admissions Requirements, Instructions, and Advice

Thank you for your interest in our Foreign Language Teaching programs! This page provides a detailed guide to admissions requirements and the application process. 

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Application Steps

  • Create MSU application
  • Submit MSU application and fee
  • Upload application materials
  • Fill out additional forms relevant to you
  • Log back in to see status

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June 15

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What happens if you complete your application early?
If you complete your application early, we will review your materials early!
Email us at to request a preliminary review from the Program Director. 

What happens if you submit your application later than this date?
We will review completed applications as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the MSU systems can process your admission before the next semester starts, especially if you have international materials.

Admissions Requirements and Procedures

Admission to the program depends upon your prior educational experience, your English language proficiency, evidence that this program is the right fit for you and your career (primarily from your personal statement essay and recommendation letters), and evidence that you are prepared to succeed in the program (primarily from your academic statement essay and recommendation letters). 

If you are planning to take FLT courses through the Certificate, Lifelong Learning, or another MSU graduate program, contact us to discuss your admissions timeline and steps. 

Navigating the MSU Application System

Follow the steps below to complete your application in the MSU system for the Master of Arts or the Certificate

  • Create MSU application – Go to the MSU Admissions portal and begin your application. You will create an account and enter your personal information, academic history, and contact information for the people writing your letters of recommendation. 
  • Submit MSU application and fee – You can save your work and log back in as needed. When you have finished the application form, click submit. You CAN continue your application AFTER you click submit. 
  • Upload other application materials – Upload any remaining documents, including your resume or CV.
  • Fill out additional forms relevant to you – Depending on your situation, you may need to fill out separate forms that are specific to our programs. See buttons below for further guidance on the GRE waiver, English Language Proficiency, and financial aid. 
  • Log back in to see status – Your transcripts and letters of recommendation need to arrive within 2-3 weeks after you submit your application. Return to your application or contact us to confirm that they have been received.

Preparing Your Application Materials

Your application will include completing the MSU online form (links above) and submitting the following materials. Also refer to the university’s main page for graduate program admissions here: Office of Admissions > Graduate applicants.

Documents You Create and Submit

  • Personal statement – describe your background, current situation, and career goals
  • Academic statement – demonstrate that you are ready to participate in a graduate program like ours
  • Resume – submit an updated and well-organized resume or CV
  • Other materials (optional) – see Supplementary Materials below

Letters of Recommendation

  • 3 Letters of Recommendation from people who are familiar with you in an academic and/or professional context

Academic Records

  • Official transcripts (through online systems or mail)
    • Transcript sent from the institution that awarded your bachelor’s degree (copies and equivalency reports are NOT sufficient).
    • Transcripts sent from any other institutions where you have earned credits or degrees.
    • If your transcripts are not issued in English, MSU also requires official translations. Details in our Admissions Guide.
  • Official test scores from the test provider (e.g., ETS, IELTS, etc.)
    • If you completed your education in the U.S. and English is your first language: GRE score or approved GRE waiver request.
    • If you completed your education in another country and/or English is not your first language: English language proficiency evidence OR approved waiver request. Contact us if you are not sure what to do about test scores.

Updated in September 2023

Refer to the Program Handbook and the guide below for details on the admissions requirements and how to submit them. 

Supplemental Forms

Are you an experienced teacher with a U.S. bachelor’s degree? You can waive the GRE. 

Is English your first language? If not, you need to demonstrate your proficiency.

Are you planning to apply for financial aid? Learn about opportunities and resources.