Spring 2020 – FLT Courses

In Spring 2020, courses begin the week of January 6. Your instructor will notify you when you have access to the course page in D2L and can begin working on the introductory materials and Module 1. The intro materials and tasks usually include a questionnaire, intro post for your peers, and general information about the course. Module 1, the first of 12 weekly modules, will be due the week of January 13-17. If your course includes a required text that is not offered through the MSU Library, it will be listed below. You will need to order a hard copy or an ebook of each text and receive it by the first week of classes.

Courses Open to All MSU Students and Lifelong Learners:

  • FLT 860 Foreign/Second Language Acquisition – Dr. Liu
  • FLT 808 Assessment in FLT – Ohlrogge
  • FLT 815 Culture in FLT (and Intercultural FLT) – Lanier
  • FLT 817 Program Development and Administration – Lanier
  • FLT 841 Special Topics: Digital Literacies – Liu

Courses Open Only to MAFLT Students:

  • FLT 885 Experiential Module
  • FLT 898 Final Portfolio (Comprehensive Exam)

* FLT 885 and FLT 898 are only available to current MAFLT students who have reached the appropriate stage of the program. Both require an override. Access the Override Request Form on the How to Enroll page.