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ACTFL 2020 Virtual Convention & Expo

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MAFLT Events

In 2020 the MAFLT Program offered two virtual events in conjunction with the conference:

Warm-up Workshop | Friday 10-11 am

View the recording here: Warm-Up Workshop on MediaSpace

Virtual Happy Hour | Saturday 5-7 pm

ACTFL 2019 Convention & Expo in Washington, D.C.

Exhibitor Session

Details on Facebook

Friday, 4:30 p.m. – Workshop Room #1

Presentations at ACTFL 2019

Making Authentic Texts Comprehensible with Corpus Analysis Tools

Presenters: Amanda Lanier, Agnieszka Makles,Courtney Mayes, & Maggie Rutkowski

Friday at 3:30pm

Room 102B

Google Site

Reaching Intercultural Competence with Story-Based Methods

Presenters: Rachel Emery, Bill Langley, & Amanda Lanier

Saturday at 1:30pm

Room 146C

Google Site

Alumni Reunion & Networking Event

At last count we had 19 current students and alumni in attendance at ACTFL 2019, and several were able to attend the gathering on Saturday evening. If you are a MAFLT student or alum and planning to attend ACTFL 2020 in San Antonio, I hope you will join us at a similar event there!