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World language departments are composed of teachers of many different languages. How can we work together and grow even when our languages are wildly different? This presentation focuses on the experiences of teachers of less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) and give advice on how language departments can collaborate and grow as a community despite the differences between target languages. 

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Opening the Silos: How to Coordinate Planning and PD across Languages

Amanda Lanier & Grant Castner | July 20, 2022
Extempore PD Extravaganza

Are you operating in a “silo” or not?

Extempore Extravaganza 2022 @extemporeapp #extemporepd

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Extempore Extravaganza 2022 – Wed 12pm

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Why DON’T teachers collaborate across languages?

What are your suggestions for encouraging teachers to collaborate and connect across languages?

… and advocate for their programs, and plan interesting and effective lessons, and learn new skills, and reflect and learn together with other teachers…