Teaching Summit Connects East Lansing to Brazil

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Keynote Session Led by FLT Faculty Member Dr. Bruna Sommer Farias and Director (Emeritus) Dustin De Felice | September 30, 2023

One of many special programs run by the MSU English Language Center is Brazil PDPI, a professional development exchange that brings English teachers from Brazil to East Lansing. In Fall 2023, the ELC hosted a Teacher Education Summit that brought together PDPI participants who had returned to Brazil and various stakeholders at MSU.

Featured speakers and facilitators in the summit included Dr. Dustin De Felice, who is now Director of the ELC but was core faculty and then director of the MAFLT from 2013 to 2018.

Knowing that we have an expert on language teaching who comes from Brazil among our core faculty, Dr. De Felice reached out to Bruna Sommer Farias and asked her to deliver the featured keynote with him during the hybrid Summit.

Bruna and Amanda at Graduation in Fall 2022

MSU-Brazil Teacher Education Summit

Brought together by the MSU English Language Center (https://elc.msu.edu) for participants in the PDPI program in Brazil and the U.S.

Sponsored by Michigan State University, the Teacher Education Summit 2023 featured a diverse range of workshops and presentations on September 30th 2023. Dr. Bruna Sommer-Farias was a plenary speaker along with Dr. Dustin DeFelice from MSU’s English Language Center.

Brazil PDPI

Professional Development for English Language Teachers

Keynote Session:
“Constantly Innovating on Teaching”

This presentation focused on purposeful technology integration in education. Dr. Sommer-Farias emphasized aligning tech tools with student learning outcomes and literacy practices, with a special focus on learner corpus tools.

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