Summer 2024 Semester Update

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Originally published on March 6, 2024

FLT Courses begin the week of May 13-17. All FLT courses run full semester in the summer, May through August, asynchronously but interactively, with a module due each week. See other important dates below.

This page will be updated as the semester approaches. Current Students, please keep your eyes out for messages from the MAFLT Program via Teams and from other university offices via email.

FLT Courses Offered – Summer 2024

FLT 807Methods of Foreign Language TeachingAmanda Lanier
FLT 860Foreign and Second Language AcquisitionFred Poole
FLT 841Special Topics: Individual Differences (Learner Needs, Neurodiversity, Accessibility, etc.) Caitlin Cornell
FLT 881Technology for Language TeachingFred Poole
FLT 885Experiential Module in Foreign Language Teaching (Master’s Project)*Bruna Sommer Farias
FLT 898Final Portfolio / Comprehensive Exam (create your website)*Amanda Lanier

If you are not a MAFLT Student yet…

Want to take a course, but you haven’t applied to the Master of Arts or Certificate? Fill out this form to let us know and get advice depending on your situation:

Summer 2024 courses - screenshot of form to request info

Upcoming Courses Flyer – Summer 2024

You can download and share this flyer:

Enroll in Courses

Please review our instructions for enrollment, even if you are an experienced FLT student. The MSU website for searching, enrolling, and reviewing academic status has changed! Current students in our FLT programs should also refer to MAFLT Students Home in SharePoint or Teams:

What should you do if you cannot enroll in the course(s) you want or need? Complete our internal Special Enrollment Form. Click How to Enroll for further instructions.

Note: If you are trying to enroll in one of these courses and it does not appear in the Class Search (, it will soon! If the course you want is full or the system says you need an override, see below.

Preparing for the Semester

How will I participate in the courses?

Your instructor will notify you when you have access to the course in D2L and Teams.

FLT courses are asynchronous but highly interactive, and they all offer opportunities to interact in real time. Our learning management systems is D2L Brightspace, and we also use Microsoft Teams and other collaborative tools extensively.

What textbooks do I need to order?

Textbooks are listed in the Student Information System. Go to Click the Class Search tile. Locate your course. See the Textbook Info tab. Many FLT courses use textbooks that are available through the MSU Library at no additional cost. If you have questions, email your professor.

What if I need to change or drop a course?

That is one of the updated topics in the new and improved Orientation Modules. Also see: MAFLT SharePoint > Enrollment Guide.

MAFLT Network Events

  • Spring MAFLT Showcase Event > April 5, 2024
  • Orientation for Summer 2024 – TBD (early May)
  • Graduation Events – if you are graduating from the MAFLT in the summer, you can walk in the MSU Commencement ceremony in May or December. Let us know if you want to walk, and you will also need to fill out the MSU form.

Important Dates in Summer 2024

MSU Academic Calendar + Academic Calendar via

MAFLT Students SharePoint Site + Announcements via Teams > MAFLT Students

Calendar & Events on MAFLT SharePoint site:

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