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Our ACTFL 2021 Topics

  • Program Ecology and Vitality
  • Social Justice in FL Education
  • Using Corpora to Teach Writing

Past MAFLT Presentations

Meet the Exhibitors - MAFLT @ ACTFL21

Exhibitor Breaks in Gather.Town

Ever wanted to run around in a video game – while also networking with other teachers and teacher educators?

Join us in the MAFLT FLEx Space in Gather.Town to find out what that is like, get resources, ask questions about the MAFLT and Graduate Certificate programs, keep talking about a presentation, play games, or just hang out and chat.

  • Faculty available: Friday 2-4, Saturday 1-5, Sunday 10-1
  • Or by appointment: Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-6, Sunday 9-2

Virtual Exhibitor Table


Faculty, students, and alumni often present together at major conferences. We hope you will participate in these presentations on the ACTFL platform, but if you want to find out more, you can follow the links below.

Presenters: Betty Brown, Yoshiko Himata Paris, Tracie Whiting Kipper, and Dr. Amanda Lanier

Presentation Site (slides & interactions)

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Presenters: Dr. Bruna Sommer-Farias with Mariana Centanin Bertho, Shelley Staples, and Valentina Vinokurova of University of Arizona

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