Comprehensible Grammar Webinar

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and Other Oxymorons Language Teachers Can Embrace

Webinar for Voces Digital | January 19, 2023


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About the Presenter

Amanda Lanier, MAFLT Program Director at Michigan State University

Presentation Abstract

As more and more world language teachers have embraced comprehension-based and acquisition-driven approaches, grammar instruction has become a bigger battleground. It’s time to get past the discord and re-discover grammar. This session will explore why and how grammar belongs in your curriculum and ways of incorporating it that empower learners to communicate more effectively. ​


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Tools for Analyzing Language

Routledge Frequency Dictionaries (about 15 languages) at Routledge RFD.

VoyantTools for Text Analysis (free –web-based):

Corpus Analysis Software (free downloads):

Large corpora from Mark Davies: OR (formerly located at