NCOLCTL 2023 Expanding LCTL Teacher Development via ViVID

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Presented virtually at NCOLCTL 2023 in Chicago | April 23 | National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages | April 21-23 2023

NCOLCTL 2023 Conference - April 2023

Program Description

Professional isolation and a lack of guidance for development are common experiences among instructors of LCTLs. This presentation discusses an ongoing project that builds community and enhances practices among teachers of various LCTLs through virtual observation and annotation of video-recorded lessons, including design, results, and recommendations for similar collaborations.

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What needs and challenges do you think LCTL teachers have in common?

About the Presenters

MAFLT Faculty and ViVID Project Facilitators:

Dr. Amanda Lanier

Michigan State University

Dr. Bruna Sommer-Farias

Michigan State University

Dr. Fred Poole

Michigan State University