Summer 2020 – FLT Courses

This post will be updated as the semester approaches. (Last updated 4/26/2020)

MAFLT courses continue to run as scheduled.

If you are trying to enroll in FLT 885 or 898, if you are enrolled in a program at MSU other than the MAFLT, or if the course you want is full, you will need an override. The Override Request Form includes options for all three of these situations. See How to Enroll.

Summer Timeline: This summer all MAFLT courses will run on Full Summer schedules (no Summer A or Summer B schedules). Courses begin the week of May 11 and end no later than August 13. Most courses will have due dates every week on the same day of the week. See below for other important dates.

Travel and other absences during Summer 2020: Due dates can be adjusted if you give your instructor advance notice. However, if you expect to have limited access to internet or other limitations on your ability to participate for more than two weeks, please discuss your plans now with the MAFLT Director (Dr. Lanier – see Faculty) and consider registering for your course(s) in a future semester.

Courses Open to All MSU Students and Lifelong Learners:

  • FLT 807 Foreign Language Teaching Methods
  • FLT 808 Assessment for Foreign Language Teaching
  • FLT 860 Foreign Language Acquisition
  • FLT 881 Teaching Foreign Language with Technology

Courses Open Only to MAFLT Students:

  • FLT 885 Experiential Module
  • FLT 898 Final Portfolio (Comprehensive Exam)

* FLT 885 and FLT 898 are only available to current MAFLT students who have reached the appropriate stage of the program. Both require an override. Access the Override Request Form on the How to Enroll page.

Academic Calendar – Important Dates for Summer 2020

  • March 9, 2020 – Enrollment by appointment time begins (see
  • March 21, 2020 – Open enrollment begins (see
  • April 1, 2020 – MAFLT Application Deadline for Summer 2020
  • May 11, 2020 – Official beginning of semester
  • May 15, 2020 – Open adds end (8:00 pm) – cannot join without special override
  • June 1, 2020 – MAFLT Application Deadline for Fall 2020 start
  • June 3, 2020 – Last day to drop with refund (8:00 pm)
  • June 26, 2020 – Last day to drop with no grade reported (8:00 pm)
  • August 13, 2020 – Official end of semester